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    Congratulations on the election return, very proud of you, now we all have to work harder.
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    I would appreciate knowing where Mr. Kelly stands on the proposed legislation that would make ALL childhood vaccines MANDATORY on a FEDERAL level with only medical exemptions….which could be overruled by a school administrator. It seems to me that ANY FEDERAL mandate would be taking away both State and individual rights…and is just plain wrong. As a parent, I should be allowed to make an informed, educated decision about invasive and potentially risky medical procedures. Both of my children are vaccine injured….one developed asthma and a disregulated immune system and the other required hospitalization after his MMR and is severely autistic. I’m NOT anti-vaccine…..I’m anti STUPID vaccines containing fetal cells, cancer cells, formaldyhde, aluminum, and mercury as well as other junk….and I am ADAMANT that NO BUREAUCRAT should make a vaccination decision for me. Those who choose to vaccinate should be free to do so. Those who have concerns, should be free to make their own choices. Our current vaccine schedule is INSANE …..some are just totally poisonous, like the Gardisil….and the CDC continues to ADD more and more to the schedule. Ridiculous.
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    I have only one question. Are you now or will you in the future be a member of the Tea Party?
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    Do you have anyone in Olive Branch/Southaven/Horn Lake placing signs out for your? I can help out
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    Trent- I really enjoyed listening to you last night at the DCCC in Desoto Co. I was leaning toward Ross but I am on Trent Kelly team now. Thank you for your service and your fight to make a difference.
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    You should get on this site:

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